Go shopping at Omega Mart, maybe for more than just groceries…

Omega Mart

Area15’s newest exhibit Omega Mart by Meow Wolf will have you entering a grocery store that isn’t quite what you expect. This is a real store that sells food, drinks, and wacky gifts, but not all is what it seems. The trippy twists on products and hidden passageways will lead to more mind-bending art than first meets the eye. 

As you walk through the grocery store look for doorways to other worlds. Four main areas break off into 60 different smaller rooms. Discover a glittery canyon, 3D digital projections, insane murals, a walk-through fridge, and talking robots. You may have to visit more than once to see it all! As you navigate this maze full of tunnels, slides, and different dimensions look closely, there’s something amazing around every corner.

The Products of Omega Mart

The Products of Omega Mart https://www.instagram.com/meow__wolf/

Tickets & Things You Should Know

The store is open seven days a week, hours vary. You can purchase tickets online and reserve a time slot. General Admission is $45, children, seniors (65+), and military members can enter for $40. Locals receive discounted tickets at $35 for general admission and $30 for children, seniors, and military members. 

You should arrive 10 minutes before your reserved time. Tip: arrive early to make sure you can find a parking spot. Once inside of Area15 follow the signs that will lead you to Omega Mart. Temperatures will be taken upon entry, face masks are required, and social distancing is enforced.   

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